Secure Call Center for secure voice, video and IM channels

Secure Call Center (SCC) enables Call Centers to offer
their customers secure communication channels.

Secure CC's Best Practice methodology ensures maximum communication security.
By deploying Secure CC, you can ensure that your customers’ calls or messages will never be compromised.
All this without changing your existing Call Center!

New digital media channels
to your customers

  • Encrypted voice, video and IM
  • With strong and fast user authentication
  • From a web browser or smartphone App

Designed for Call Centers and
Customer Care Systems

  • Easy deployment and integration
  • Professional user interface
  • Continuously security-audited solution

The information exchange over the phone between Call Centers and the customers is not secure.

Information security has emerged as a significant concern for banks, mobile phone companies and other businesses that use Call Centers or business process outsourcing (BPO). There are increasing number of instances of theft of personal data reported from Call Centers through the communication channels used to connect customers. To avoid financial damages and loss of your brand’s reputation, implement protected communication channels to your customers offered by our Secure Call Center solutions.

How it works - What we offer

Online customer care systems are spreading (e.g. mobile banking from browser or using smartphone apps), more and more self-care activities are done over the internet. These communication applications like e-banking solutions are secured, but cannot replace all Call Center services. If the user needs personal assistance, in 95% of the cases the Call Center will be called used landline, GSM on VoIP lines. Independently which telephony channel is used to contact the Call Center, the data exchanged over the phone (customer ID, Call Center PIN, balance information, etc.) can be accessed by 3rd parties.

SCC offers Internet based communication channels (voice, instant message, video) from a web browser or a mobile app. With SCC, your customers can call your Call Center through your company’s website or customer portal (e.g. e-bank), or using your mobile application. With the push of a button they can connect to your Call Center through an authenticated and secure channel.

How it works



For the Customer

  • Completely secure
  • With a single click or tap
  • From a web browser or mobile app
Your Company

For your Company

  • Secure and authenticated communications
  • Faster Call Center service; less channel occupation
  • Opens online upselling opportunities

100% compatible with the leading Call Center products

Call Center vendors

Integrated on-site deployment or hosted service

Secure CC is available both deployed as an on premise system or provided from the cloud.

On-site deployment
integrated with your Call Center

On-site deployment

Secure Call Center
from the cloud

Secure Call Center
Security and reliability

Security and reliability

  • Secure CC is constructed using Best Practice cryptography and security protocols.

  • Continuously updated and third-party security audited solution.

  • Secure CC is implemented in such a way that potential hackers are prevented from listening in, even if they have access to the system plans or the App's source code. Not even Secure CC's developers can access private data.


  • Increase customer trust - protect your customer's sensitive data over the phone.

  • Reduced liability for your company by eliminating call-center data breaches.